Off the Farm!

view from window

A little while ago, Anthony and I made a journey across the Nullarbor to Adelaide. We were going to look for good stud rams, to help advance our White Suffolk Stud.

After a day in the airports we went straight from there to the show! It was wonderful to walk in and be greeted by old friends. We had been feeling tired, after a four thirty start in the morning, but the energy that ran around the ram shed, soon got us pumped again!

The quality of the rams were amazing and we did find a couple of fella’s that we think are good enough for our ewes! They’ll make the trip across the two states, by truck and after being checked over for all the stringent quarantine conditions, we’ll drive the five hours to Kalgoorlie and pick them up.rams

Both Anthony and I find the city really noisy, after the farm – it doesn’t take long to adjust though, but I loved to be able to look out my hotel window and see space.

We only had forty eight hours in Adelaide, but it was wonderful. We had our little piece of farming and then the family time. That was all there time for, before we legged it back across the bite, to start some more shearing on Tuesday.

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  1. Hey fleur,
    hope shearing goes to plan this year…all the weather up comming won’t help.. My little sister is reading your book and is in love and is wondering if you will do one called green grass i did mention the name of blue skies and there is another one on the way too! she cant wait! I have read Red Dust and think its a wonderful read…you are amazing juggling all that you do.. Keep it up
    Regards suzie.
    PS my sister is wondering where your name “Fleur” comes from…?

  2. Hi Suzie, thanks for your comments. A lot of people think my next book might be Green Grass! I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you and let you know that it’s Purple Roads!

    Really pleased that you liked Red Dust!

    My name is French (although I’m far from it!) and it means flower.

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