Old Faithful


My mum and dad have been over to visit recently and brought with them a large box. Once I realised what was in the box, I fell on it with delight!

All my old favourite books were there — The Famous Five and practically every Enid Blyton book ever printed, Trixie Beldon, Colin Thiele and some of my mum’s really old and probably (now) politically incorrect books, like Under Australian Skies by Phyllis M. Power!

I’m now re-reading them, for who-knows how many times and Rochelle is enjoying them too.

This particular Famous Five holds a special memory. It’s the first Famous Five book in the series and I can still remember my dad coming home from Adelaide late on night, from one of his many meetings, bringing flowers for mum and this book for me!

I guess he brought something for my brother and sister, but it didn’t make as much as an impact as my new book!

As you can see, it’s a well-worn, much-loved and read book and I hope my kids will get as much enjoyment out of things I loved throughout my childhood.

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  1. My Irish Catholic Grandparents had a set of Uncle Arther’s Bedtime stories that they bought for my dad and siblings when they were kids. I love reading them, and 25 odd yrs later saw the whole set on EBay and bought them! Bought tears to my Dad’s eye when he saw them – they were 1st edition too! Known also as unpolitica,l re Golliwog, Noddy and Big Ears (they may be able to share a bed again in 20 yrs!) etc. But they were just kid stories! Still think Alice in Wonderland was Opium induced!! who cares – Classics!!

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