On Guard!


Rocket is the best little guard dog! He let’s us know the minute someone comes in the drive and I can tell you, we’ve been grateful more than once, for his vigilance!

For a little dog, his legs are so strong – he can actually balance on the pads of his feet, for quite long periods of time, which makes him look like a Meerkat!

The kids love it when he does his Meerkat impersonation – their giggles can be heard for quite some distance away!

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  1. Hi Suzie – Rocket is just beautiful and like all Jacks, he thinks he’s ten foot tall. I hope, with all my heart, he never comes across a snake! Thanks for visiting!

  2. any time is sholud some day visit you in real life, have you heard from Tammy at all?? Now she up in the big smoke its a long time between visits.. I hope hay went well dave has finnished a quiet year sadly.. I hope that Rocket never comes across a snake, all in all Ellee is now 8 and seen a few but must know to stay her distance, being a jacky i expected alot worse! all the best with your up comming harvest..Suzie. PS where is the hay bale pics! 😉

  3. Hi Suzie – I’ve worked out who you are now! Only catch up with Tam on FB now and then. Not enough rain to make a lot of hay, this year, unfortunately. And yes, Harvest is just around the corner!

  4. hahaha… Id wonder how long it took you, i would love to actually meet you tho…You are so amazing, and the hay looks great..tell anthony its a Jonny bale all the way!! Well might catch up with you soon i am thinking of hosting a dessert party at the Condy Tav early next year and would love for you to come and give us girls an inspirational chat on being all that you are> would you be interested even if you would just like to come for the desserts and not the chatting…? suzie

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