Only in the bush…


We get a mail delivery twice a week. It’s a pain when you get a phone call on a day, saying something really important is in town, (like parts for the tractor, a new piece of machinery or… a box of books!) and there’s another week to go until you can pick it up!

That’s what happened to me recently! Having been in town, I got home to find a message saying my copies of the ‘real’ Red Dust had arrived and were waiting pickup.

A bit awkward since it was another seven days until I was going to be back in town and I’m not known for my patience!

I rang a friend to see if she was still in town and if she could pick up them up. ‘No problems,’ was the answer!

Tiff rang as she was leaving town and I drove about 20km down the road to meet her.

Grabbed my boxes… and then couldn’t wait to open them, so we opened them together in the in the middle of the road, while it was freezing cold and the kids climbed trees!!

Then we jumped up and down, did a little dance of excitment, (while her husband looked on, thinking we were quite mad) and went our seperate ways!

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  1. How exciting for you Fleur! – and how appropriate the manner of your receiving them, for a bush writer of a bush tale. Looking forward to reading it.
    best wishes

  2. Congratulations on all the hard work. I can relate to it all, I’ll definitely be picking up a book on my weekly shopping trip to Albany. Great website too!

  3. Congratulations and well done, Fleur!! I admire your determination and all the hard work involved in writing a book, getting it published as well as being a wife, mother, farmer and probably ‘general dogs body’!!!

    All the very best with the book launch on the 8th May. I will be buying my copy as soon as I can and recommending to everyone!


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