Our Girls


These beautiful looking sheep are our stud ewes, complete with their long, lean and muscular lambs!

As part of our farming program we run a White Suffolk Stud – something that my main character in Blue Skies, Amanda, does.

These girls are just about to be run through the jetting race – to make sure the flies can’t get into them when the sun comes out and the buzz of flies hit the air. We’ve also just marked their lambs and used special tags, so we know who belongs to which ewe – much like we do with the stud bulls.

Anthony is going to the Adelaide show in September, to source more ram semen, as we try and do and artificial insemination program each year. It allows us to source genetics outside of the genetic pool we have already used.

South Australia is the home of the ‘Great White’ and that’s often where the best genetics are found (in our opinion!).

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