Peaceful… or not

I’m guessing that many of you think that living on a farm is peaceful. Quiet. Well let me tell you otherwise!

It was a gorgeous morning. We’d had a heavy shower the night before, which had netted us 8mm, so we were smiling! The trees and grass were weighted down with rain and everything was sparkling with dew-drop diamonds.

As I opened my eyes first thing, I listened to the birds singing. That’s a regular occurrence, but this morning, they were singing louder than normal. I could pick a few calls – Wattle birds, Butcher bird. There was a Magpie in the mix and the little Silver Eyes were really going for it!

I wondered outside with my morning coffee and could hear the next farms’ cattle bellowing. I guess they’re doing some cattle work that involves splitting the cows and calves, because it was a panicked, ‘Where’s my baby,’ type of bellow!

I could hear stock trucks rumbling along the road and for a moment, worried that they might be turning in our driveway – the truck carting our lambs, wasn’t due until Wednesday. I could even hear our neighbours dogs barking. (They live a good three or four kilometers away from us!)

Anthony, Shaun and I started our day in the sheep yards and we were also splitting mums and babies, but ours were sheep. The noise was unbelievable! In all the time I’ve worked with stock, I don’t think I’ve heard a louder mob of ewes! I was standing about ten metres away from Anthony and I couldn’t hear what he was saying! (It’s quite funny when you can see their lips moving and hand actions, but not hear anything!)

So today, the farm was far from peaceful – this photo, really tells lies!

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