Perfect Days


Some days its hard to describe the landscape’s beauty. This photo doesn’t look anything special, but the atmosphere during this day, was.

The day was warm with little breeze blowing. The grey clouds were beginning to roll over, bringing with them the hope of rain.

A neighbour was burning somewhere – bush smoke (at this time of the year, when it’s too damp for raging bush fires) is a beautiful smell – the birds were singing … I could pick out about four different calls, the crows (of course!), magpies, butcher birds and a wattle bird.

I could hear the cows munching at the grass and the bleating of lambs and when I stood still and shut my eyes, I could even hear the cattle slurping the water from the dam.

Sometimes, in the rush of life, we forget to stop, listen and enjoy. I enjoyed my afternoon!

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  1. Hi Fleur,
    my name is Fleur too, and I’m French !
    I saw your book in a book shop window in Albany last month, when I travelled around the Western Australia !
    I’m fascinated and attracted by Australia. I don’t really know why, but I dreamt to visit it and in July I spent one wonderfull and amazing month in your country… I definitely loved it !! Each day I savoured what I saw, each day I enjoyed my life. Australia is rich of beauty and kindness and Australian people are warmly and friendly ; I miss them and I miss the landscapes where each day was the perfect day !!
    When I saw your name on the book I really thought you were French ! I think you know what Fleur mean : flower in French…
    When I’ll be able to read in English, I’ll read your book to dream again about Australia !!
    You’re a lucky girl Fleur MacDonald.

    Fleur Giordanengo

  2. Hi Fleur
    How wonderful to hear from you, all the way from France! I’m so pleased you enjoyed your time in Australia and that you found us good people to deal with! That’s one of my biggest loves about our country areas – we all look out for each other and we love helping our neighbours, doesn’t matter where they come.

    Yes, I knew Fleur meant flower – my Mum just loved the name ‘Fleur’ so hence I have it. Years and years ago (before TV), there was a radio series called ‘Blue Hills’ and Mum first heard the name on that! My daughter also has a French name – Rochelle!

    I hope you enjoy Red Dust and that it brings back wonderful memories of your time in Australia. Please, stay in touch and I’ll bring you as many funny little stories about Australia, through the website, as I can

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