We are so lucky to live where we live! Sometimes I have people saying to me: ‘Oh, you live so far away from town, how do you cope?’

Well, I wouldn’t live any where else!

Why do you want to live in a town, where your neighbours can hear all your arguments and then the making up?!

Anyway, I think this photos sums up why I live here! Here is Hayden playing on the waters edge and getting ready for a night of fishing. The beach is only about a twenty minute drive; we have open spaces and good farming land.

I have a very good friend who lives in Adelaide – she’s not a farm girl at all and her “open mouthness” at our farm is laughable! But I think she laughs just as hard at this duck out of water when I visit Adelaide!

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  1. We were sitting around the outdoor dining table just the other night talking about the same thing! We miss our families in Melbourne and some of the things to do in Victoria (like skiing), but we love living in Cairns! How can you complain when people save all year to come here on holidays and we live here everyday!

  2. Hello Lynn! My sister-in-law lives in Cairns and says the same thing! Although it can go the other way around! We see car, after car, after car, heading to the beach, with Kalgoorlie number plates (a city five hours from where we live!) They make the pilgrimage and there are times that we forget we have such an asset sitting on our back doorstep! It’s nice to take stock once in a while.

  3. Hey Lynn, you’re so right! We live in Cairns as well and often wonder why we go anywhere for holidays. Of course I’d kill for some surf every once in a while…

    Love the photo, Fleur. So beautiful to see a sunset over water. I never get tired of the sunrises in Cairns – took a photo of a lovely pink one a week ago – but sunsets always seem more powerful.

  4. Hey Fleur ..great shot. I’m just like you …i love taking pic’s..there is so many beautiful things around here to catpture. You made me wish i was in Hopetoun right now! Hope i get to see you soon xx

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