Anthony and I were shifting sheep from one farm to another when we came across these two foxes sitting in the middle of the road.

As we all know, foxes aren’t native to Australia and cause immense amount of damage to our native fauna. They’re also a foe to new born lambs. They are instinctive killers and will work in pairs to trap a ewe with twins into protecting one lamb, leaving the other one by its self for the foxes’ evening meal. I’ve seen lambs with mortal damage, still alive with its mum standing over it, willing it to live. Foxes are downright cruel.

This time of the year, the foxes are a bit starry eyed. Love affected! It’s time for them to pair up for mating season. We often see them together, in  dizzy oblivion to the rest of the world. I was almost on top of these two before they realized I was there – hard to hide in a big white ute with a grumbling diesel engine, I know!

I managed to snap this photo before they ran off, but I’m hoping we might see them again on our rounds at night.

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  1. I was about 12 when I really knew how much damage foxes could do. I had heard about it, just never saw it till then. I had to go collect the eggs from our chickens one night. Walking into the chook shed I decided not to turn the torch on and disturb them sleeping. That was until I almost tripped over one! I turned on the torch to see why it was on the ground and not moving.. I was shocked to see that over 30 chickens had been killed and only one was alive. It’s something I will never forget seeing. We had our chickens in an old milking shed, so it was a fairly big area. It was like the fox played with them and scattered them all over the shed. Since then I’ve not been a fan of foxes! Evil, Evil things!

  2. Is it just me or are foxes being extra cheeky this year?
    I’m out near Mungy & I’ve had a couple waltz past the house in the early morning – before I’m out of bed. Thanks to Red (my beloved young Kelpie) I know when they’re around and can get out to remove them (we have the ewes & lambs around the house).
    I’ve been hearing them most nights having a little chat, calling in their love struck mating partners. And I’ve also had a couple of encounters like yours above Fleur!

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