Photo stuff ups!


I said in my last blog I was saying that I had enrolled in a Photography Course. The first lesson is all about ISO and shutter speed. A complete foreign language to me, because I’m a point and shoot girl. On automatic. (I know all you photographers out there will be cringing about now. Sorry!)

Anyway, on my walk this morning I took my camera and here’s what I came up with.


These top two photos are exactly the same, except I’ve had to doctor this one, on iPhoto because what I thought looked okay on the screen of my camera, certainly didn’t! Far too dark!



This is the best moon photo I’ve ever taken, though… That gives me some hope I might understand all the technical talk at some point!beach4

And again, what looked light enough on my camera screen, certainly doesn’t on the computer…

beach5So I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me… But first, I’d better write a chapter of Emerald Bluff!


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  1. I have just started the course yesterday & ready to do the 1st lessons assignment .My photos always look better on the camera until I check on the computer

  2. Well I think you are doing great … it took me many years to get the hang of it, and I still ‘stuff up’ all the time! I love your morning pics – the light IS muted like that. And one thing I will say – it’s always easier to lighten an image than to try and put ‘info’ into an area that is blown out white. Do they talk to you about getting your computer screen callibrated – sometimes that is what makes things look different on computer to camera too…

  3. It took me about four/five months to feel really comfortable with all of my manual settings, but once you have figured it out you wont look back 🙂 There are no limits 🙂

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