Playing again!

I’ve started looking at the world differently, since I’m trying to take photos with artistic flair! Not sure if it’s working, but I’ll keep trying… I tend to be a bit tenacious, once I put my mind to something!

These two photos are of our cattle yards. One is of the loading ramp, and the rusty steel one is of the crush. A crush is where we put cattle, to give them their needles or preg-test them. It holds them still.

Anyway, I’ve just picked out small pieces of each and tried to make them look interesting! Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hey Fleur! Like your new style!! Very artistic, good composition and perspective. 😉
    Keep it up… but don’t become too good at it too quickly and do me out of a job for your next book cover!! LOL!! xx

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