I love photos! I love the ones that are full of family and friends and mean something and I love professional ones of land or seascapes.

I love to take photos! If anyone has got a camera at a family shin dig, it’s me and I’m not afraid to use it. Although I’m not very good at it.

But I do like this one! It took me only (!) about twenty shots to get everything in focus and looking the way I wanted it to. Gotta love digital cameras!

I’ll keep playing and see if I can encourage the photographer in me (or out) – I do hope there is one in there!

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  1. G’Day Fleur
    You need a digital SLR camera…the larger the sensor (the bit that takes the place of the old film) the better. Then you can start throwing the background out of focus to make the subject stand out. They also give you much more control of how the picture will look.
    But – they are bigger and heavier than cheaper digital cameras, and since they cost more you tend to spend more time looking after them, buying better bags & lens caps (and using them).

  2. Great to see your artistic talents go beyond what comes out of the end of your pen (wondered if you ever put it down). Agree with Rob, and think we should buy a digital SLR but the one I like costs 2K!!

  3. Brilliant picture!! I wish I could take pictures like that! I love photography but i don’t do a huge lot of it, but I go mad with the camera when I am in the mood!

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