Precious cargo

The long road

The long road


There are times farming seems like it’s a long road without an end. The list of jobs to do, can be longer than your arm. Sometimes it feels like your treading water, not getting anywhere. And as with most jobs, they all should have been done ‘yesterday’.

That’s how it is for us at the moment. We managed to sneak a few days away over Christmas and missed five days worth of work. Those five days have multiplied into about one months worth of jobs! All because we didn’t do anything for five days.

Sometime you just have to make decisions and that’s what we’ve done. We could have walked these sheep home from the farm they were agisted on, but with the heat and lack of time the boss made the choice to truck them home.

unloading sheep

unloading sheep

So our precious border x ewes, (which will have nothing short of twins, when they lamb and perhaps triplets – very fertile breed of sheep) were loaded onto a B-train and carted down the road. It takes about an hour and a half, if the girls are running well, to load. That was the boss’ job. Number one son and I had the unloading job. Which takes about twenty minutes to half an hour. They run off at a rapid rate of knots! We did this three times.

running off...

running off…


But sometimes they need a little encouragement. And I have to admit, being from a truckie background, I love the chance to get back on a truck. Especially a sheep crate. So, this is me, on the top deck, helping ‘encourage’ the sheep down the race!



We’re pleased we made the decision to truck these sheep home. It probably saved us about a day’s worth of work. Now with all the rain which we had during harvest and what is forecast for us from Cyclone Narelle, the Boss is about to get the boomspray out (yes, should have been done a couple of weeks ago) to kill all the weeds.

What are you guys busy doing at your place?

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