Procrastinating at its best!



I’m supposed to be writing a speech. Don’t like writing them much (said in a petulant tone!).

It’s difficult to write about myself when I’m ‘just Fleur’. I’m nothing out of the ordinary, or different or anything like that, so I’m sort of stuck on what to write about.

So I thought I’d do something else. Something MUCH more fun… Like write a blog… Weed the garden… Do the ironing…

Or go through my clothes for the CRIMSON DAWN tour. After all, it’s only a couple of weeks away and I’m almost sure my suitcase needs packing very soon!

One of things about tours is I get to dress up – cows and sheep have NO appreciation of nice clothes, so I don’t wear anything other than my work uniform – jeans, Bluesteel boots and whatever shirt I pull out of the drawer.

Now I’ve gotta admit, I LOVE nice clothes. In fact I love shopping… For about two hours. If I haven’t found what I want by then, I don’t want to shop any more. We have a fabulous clothes shop in Esperance, called Sandie’s and Sandy thinks I like to ‘power shop’ and she’s never met anyone like me when it comes to buying clothes.

Shop hard, shop fast and with no regrets, is my motto! (I don’t do it very often so I think it’s a good one to have!)

Anyhow, imagine this, last night.

Best friend arrives. There is wine in the fridge. There were NO kids! We’re supposed to be discussing my speech.

‘Went shopping today,’ I said, avoiding the speech.

‘Ohhh, let’s see,’ friend said (She’s SO easily distracted!)


‘Ohh, I like that…’

‘Nope don’t wear that, it shows your baby fat,’ (I love honest friends, even if they do dent yore esteem every so often!

I’m sure you can imagine,a couple of giggling women, wine, clothes being tried on and stripped off. Piles building up on the bed, switching tops for different ones, mix and matching… You get the drift!

And guess what? We did NOTHING to do with the speech.

Now if you’re curious, (and you want to see my clothes) this is where I’m heading on tour. Click here.

And if you’re wondering what Outback Paparazzi is up to, since I haven’t spoken about it recently, well we’re holding a monster auction over at our Facebook page, to raise money to get hay from WA over to the drought stricken areas of NSW and QLD. Pop on over and help out, if you feel you can.

Also, if you have any tips for procrastinating, could you leave them in the comments section? I’m looking for some!



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  1. I’m a fantastic procrastinator too, Fleur. Have been practising it for months now to avoid starting a new book. Twitter is one of my favourite methods, followed by Facebook, watching and re-watching episodes of my favourite show … anything at all that isn’t writing! Looks like you’re all decked out for your tour. Enjoy!

  2. You state “It’s difficult to write about myself when I’m ‘just Fleur’. I’m nothing out of the ordinary, or different or anything like that, so I’m sort of stuck on what to write about.” As “audience” that is just what I want to hear about how “just Fleur” is such a great writer when she is so ordinary. Ordinary people are really interesting because we don’t know everything about them already and 99% of us can relate to ordinary. So good luck “just Fleur” I wish you were coming to a library etc near me – Brisbane.

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