Profusion of Peaches


I love stone fruit and we are lucky to have moved to a house with a delicious peach bearing tree. Big, fat, juicy ones!

Trouble is, the tree is completely overloaded, so much so that one of the branches broke off about two weeks ago. Also the fruit all ripens at around the same time!

There are only so many peaches one can eat without upsetting the body’s equilibrium!

So the simmer pot has come out and I’m bottling, stewing, freezing… anything that makes the peaches last a bit longer.

Its a messy job, with juice everywhere, sticky fingers and knife handles, but it brings so much pleasure to know that we’ve prolonged the life of this fruit and they’ll be yummy into the winter months.

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  1. save some of those profuse peaches for me!!!! Can’t wait to see you all…..and the BOOK LAUNCH!
    Love and blessings xxxxxxxxxx

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