Purple Roads, finished!

Today I’m feeling wonderful, free and light!

I finally put the last full stop on Purple Roads, which may not be big news to you guys, but I can tell you that writing this book hasn’t been easy. Writing any book isn’t easy. It requires ‘bum glue’, dedication, passion and most importantly time. It’s the ‘time’ criteria that I’ve been short on this year. There has been lots of Perth trips with a sick family member, farming, and not to mention kids operations and autism assessments, so trying to find ten minutes to string together has been difficult.

Even though I ‘am woman’ and should be able to do fifty million things at once, I began to get a bit overwhelmed with everything I had to do and got to the point where I wasn’t sure I could finish within the time frame. That’s why after writing the last word on Wednesday night, I sat back in my chair and sighed with satisfaction, then jumped, screamed, laughed, rang about six people who have steadfastly supported me through this journey and drank wine!

Today I’ve spent a wonderful morning in the freezing wind, setting up sheep yards for tomorrow’s lamb marking. Until now, my time outside has been clouded by the deadline hanging over my head and it was awesome to be out there today without it.

On a farming note, we still haven’t had rain – oh there was the odd 5mm we had a few days ago, but we’ve gone beyond needing small amounts. Any moisture that was left in the ground and crops has been sucked out by the wind, so we need a good drenching of a couple of inches to make a difference. We’re now running low on water and hay, and so have begun to sell off stock. These photos were taken last night as we yarded our heifers, ready to truck them out to a feedlot.

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