Purple Roads in Blue skies!

So, I know you’ve all seen the cover for Blue Skies and you’re all probably bored with it, but this book is different!

‘Yeah, yeah,’ I can hear you saying, but it’s true!

This is the B-format, a smaller version, from when it came out twelve months ago. It’s also a cheaper version.

The thing I’m really excited about, though, is that it has the prologue of Purple Roads and the first two chapters, in the back of it.

If you’d like to win this copy, which I only received my hand hot, little hand today, email me (the button for emails is at the top left hand corner underneath the covers slide show), with the ‘Blue Skies Giveaway’ in the subject line.

And just a PS on the Authors For Queensland Auctions… Thanks to all of you for your support, we’ve raised over $20,000. Authors, Emily Gale, Kate Gordon and Katrina Germein, were the brainchildren behind it and did most of the work, as I’ve either been gallivanting in Perth or as crook as a dog. They deserve a huge congratulation because it involved a huge amount of work. I think they’re are just brilliant!

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  1. Hi Rosalie,

    The link is just below the ‘get signed’ link. There is a picture of an envelope, with a purple swish over the top of it!

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