Purple Roads

So here we are, writing a third book! I’m not really sure I ever thought this was possible! As most of you know, I sort of fell into writing and never expected to have the response to my books that I have.

Purple Roads, well, what to tell you? I’ve been writing as much as I can (which isn’t very much) since I finished Blue Skies. I had a phone call in January asking me to submit my synopsis for it straight away – I had a basic outline in my head and a few chapters vaguely written, but nothing else. So for about three days all I did was tighten, tidy and re-write those ideas, then I hit the send button and have basically forgotten about it since!

Well, that’s not entirely true. My mind keeps ticking over with ideas and I’ve been scribbling things on post-it notes every moment I get, but farming has taken up a huge amount of time over the past six months… and it’s supposed to, it is my full time job! Writing is only a hobby and will probably never be anything else. What would I write about, otherwise?!

What I can tell you is the theory behind the title: Purple Roads. As you can see from this photo a wet bitumen road actually looks purple, as do the dirt roads in the mid-north of SA where the book is set. There is a lot of ochre in the ground and in summer the roads throw off a purple dust while in the winter the wet roads are a deep red/purple colour.

I’m at the stage where I only have eleven months to finish writing Purple Roads and my fingers are now beginning to get very itchy! I think I’ve done enough planning and it’s time to get the ideas down on paper (or computer as the case may be!)

Usually I write on Friday’s when I’m in town, but the kids have sport this term, so I’m going in on Saturday mornings which usually cancels out my writing time. So think of me on a Saturday morning watching Hayden running around the footy oval in the car, watching intently, while scribbling chapter’s long hand.

Soon, I’ll introduce you to Matt, Anna and Ella and their farm Danja Plains.

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  1. Eargerly awaiting Fleur! I honestly don’t know how you do it with the farm, kids, life etc you are an amazing woman! Best of luck with finding time to write book… I’ll be with you in spirit

  2. Looking forward to Purple Roads as I have loved Blue Skies and Red Dust. Life really is hectic and I know the routine of juggling kids, work, home, family and friends, just know there are many eager fans out here who are glad you are so good at writing and juggling!

  3. Some friends have borrowed your books from me and they have fallen in love with your stories…as have i…..we await eagerly for Purple Roads and meeting Matt Anna and Ella. Love the new photos and your updates.

  4. I have absolutely loved your other books and have been so eager to read Purple Roads, but to be honest I’m not enjoying this one as much, the reason for this being that there has been a lot of talk of dead/injured/mistreated animals! I also am from a farming background but am finding this book has got me in tears.
    So keep up the fantastic work but maybe tone it down a bit.

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