Queensland Floods

It’s with a heavy heart that I’ve been watching the news coverage of the Queensland floods. I’m sure that NSW will be feeling the effects soon, as their water profile will be full from floods before Christmas and once the water and soil profile is full, there is nowhere for the water to go.

It seems ridiculous that twelve months ago were crying at the devastation and loss that Black Saturday caused us. Now we are crying about floods causing similar, but different, destruction.

It also seems ludicrous that on this side of the country, brave fire fighters are battling a blaze that has claimed four houses, stock and land. My main anger at this fire, was it was deliberately lit. With a husband who is a volunteer fire fighter, I detest the work of arsonists.

I’m sure that no one from Queensland will read this – they’ll be too busy staying safe and hoping to start a clean up, but if you do, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. But words seem so little.

I’ve donated to the flood appeal but I would like to do more. So if anyone would like to buy my books during this month (you’ll need to email me to order,) I will donate the whole amount to the Premiers Flood relief appeal – more info on it can be found here: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

Red Dust $22 inc GST

Blue Skies $27.50 inc GST

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  2. Oh Fleur… what can I say? Thanks so much for your generous offer… we have been so lucky compared to so many Queenslanders. We watch with horror the devestation all around us – while our lives and business are scarred by this flood, we are safe. So many are not.

    I will re-tweet your post here.

    Again, from my heart, thanks.

  3. It is shocking isn’t it to see the ways that this country tests its people. Our thoughts are with those in Queensland and New South Wales who are struggling right now.

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