Rain! Where for art thou, rain?

We’ve had our opening rains – 30mm over about five or six days. Awesome. You just can’t be unhappy with that.

Now I’m going to be a farmer and complain! We need some more.

The canola crop is in, we’ve got over 2,000 lambs marked (with another 6,000 to go that I’m not thinking about at the moment!) and the rest of the crop to seed.

This morning’s sunrise was amazing, but as we stood around the cradle today, the wind from the north was a desert wind and it was bloody cold! We watched as the clouds brewed, but the winds took them all out to sea and I’m not sure that we’ll get anything but wind out of this system.

I’m really dying for a few rainy days… Purple Roads needs another two days and it will be finished, then it’s off to the publishers. Two days – who would have thought they’d be so hard to find!

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  1. Beautiful pics, love those pink skies.
    Good luck with the book, you go girl, you can do it, you dont need sleep do you….?

  2. We have some of your rain, too. 12mm overnight, and I haven’t checked how much today. I was out at work all day, so I have two wet doggies who do have kennels, but who prefer to sit at the gate and wait to be let in! My house is now infused with the not-so gentle perfume of Eau de Damp Dog.

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