Rainbow Delight


I was looking through my photo file since I hadn’t had time to take away news ones for the blog and I came across this one. You might remember, about six or so weeks ago, we had a huge deluge of rain over about four days.

The landlines, power and mobiles were all down, but I still had my camera! This photo was taken at the end of all the rain.

Check out all that beautiful green grass! It’s not quite as green now but hopefully, once the opening rains arrive, it will be!

We’d love for it to look like this as the calves and lambs start arriving! The mums then have big bags of milk and the babies are contented.

Our first calf of the season was born four days ago, so it won’t be long, and there’ll be off-spring everywhere, running, bucking and playing! It’s a beautiful time of the year.

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