It’s not often you get to see a full rainbow, let alone have the camera handy to catch them before they disappear.

This beauty hung around for about ten minutes, while I fiddled with my lens and managed to get these shots.

The above photo, though, really doesn’t do it justice. It was such a vibrant and intense rainbow as you can see from the photo below.



We had 17mm of gentle, steady rain yesterday. This is absolutely no good on the hay we have cut that isn’t baled yet. However, my friend explained it to me this way:

In one hand you’ve got Champagne to celebrate the fact it will still do the wheat a lot of good, but in the other, you’ve got a beer, so you can drown your sorrows about the hay decrease in quality, due to the rain!

But I reckon, with sights like these and the stunning golden sunset below, we should just drink the champagne and enjoy the view.


What did you see yesterday that made you smile?

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