Ram Sale


Our annual sale – Tomorrow!

For many years now, we’ve held an annual ram sale in Esperance.

We gather up the best of our rams, truck them to town, wrestle them into pens and let farmers pass judgement on them! Tomorrow is the big day (18th Sept 09).

At the moment, I’m snatching five minutes away from washing cars, gathering up the BBQ and eskies and packing the ute in preparation for an early start.

The truck arrives at about 6:30am and they’re in town by 9am. That gives us heaps of time to get them penned the way the need to be and for them to settle down. It can be quite upsetting and tiring for a ram to be taken out of his usual paddock setting and tossed into a noisy shed, with people feeling his rump, looking at his structure and testicles! We try to be as kind as possible to the animals, so giving them time to adjust to their new environment is important.

The kids love ram sale day, as they get out of school and have a great time mingling amongst the crowd and feeling the atmosphere of the day. It’s a great learning experience for them as well.

So, if you’re in need of a good ram, tomorrow, our White Suffolks will be penned from 12pm, sale starting at 2pm, with a BBQ and refreshments provided. We’d love to see you there (with a crate on behind your ute, to take a couple home!)

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