Read the First Chapter of Silver Clouds

Silver Clouds by Fleur McDonald

Silver Clouds by Fleur McDonald

So on Wednesday, Silver Clouds went out into what some authors seem to call the ‘The Wild. I guess it is in a way. It’s certainly not on my computer any more and I’m not stressing over editorial deadlines. It’s sitting on shelves from Cairns to Albany (from photos people have been kind enough to post on my Facebook page)

Life has gone on pretty much as normal around since the release – I’ve been checking the heifers, helping weigh up lambs and doing the washing. (Like I started at 4am on Wednesday morning because I couldn’t sleep. Something about being nervous!)

Anyway, I thought I’d share the first chapter with in, as a taster. In case you weren’t sure whether you would enjoy the book and were wavering on whether to buy it – maybe this will sway you (I hope!)  😀

Download Silver Clouds Chapter One here: Silver Clouds_chapter1_hi res

If it does, I hope you’ll let me know if you did enjoy it or not.

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  1. cant wait to get to Perth and buy it , heading down at easter to get kids from boarding school , will let you know how much i loved it once i have finished , love your writing , I suppose as most people from the bush and working and running a farm I somehow connect to what you write about , Congrats on your new book !!

    1. Post

      Oh, Kelly, you’ll be enjoying having your kids home. Hope you have a lovely time with them over Easter. Also hope you enjoy Silver Clouds when you have time to read it. Let me know how you go with it.

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