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Life is cruel at times and farming is no different. Our old dog Rex is pretty much had it. Arthritis is in his elbows and his hearing isn’t what it used to be… or maybe it’s just selective and we haven’t worked it out! And as much as we love him and will miss his ability, it’s time he retired completely.

2009_0428desert0012So, it’s time for the changing of the guard. This little bloke is ‘Hoggart’. He’s a six week old Kelpie and will be Anthony’s side kick for every day of his working life, starting tomorrow. He’ll start off in the front of the ute and when he’s big enough to wear a collar, he’ll be tied in the back so he can’t fall off. Our other dogs have been introduced and don’t think he’s much at all – just a little thing that jumps around their feet. Don’t worry Law and Digit, he’ll grow!

As for my poor little dog, Rocket, he’s in the wars! Last week he was sick from his needles and this week he developed a huge abscess on his neck. Our wonderful vets ‘The Swan’s’ had to put him under a general and cut him open to drain it. He’s a bit sore and sleepy from the surgery today, but he’ll be up about with no problems, tomorrow and then the drain can come out in three days time.

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  1. Their daughters go to the same school as I do. The one in my year is wanting to be a vet as well and i am sure she will.

    When we got our new pup our old dog, Diesel, didn’t like it one bit. She has turned out to be a great sheep dog though.

  2. Poor old dogs have been having a hard time..!!
    We have had the Pitter Patter of slightly larger feet in our house – Helens Greyhound has moved in. The boys seem to like having a sister, ther havent been any real problems “YET”…!!

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