Red Dust away …


Well it’s been and gone… and what an amazing night!

We started the launch for Red Dust at 5pm, but people started to trickle through by 4.45pm. By the time 5:30pm came, there was a definite buzz in the air, people talking, wandering through the shop and lots of laughing.

We had over 110 people through, which, although very overwhelming for me, was fantastic! I think I managed to sound coherent when I talked a little about how Red Dust came to being, but public speaking isn’t my forte!


Thanks to Sally from Le Grand Bookshop, for hosting the launch and my wonderful friends, Gill and Tiff, for all your wonderful food and support. To Lesley, Bindy and Jodi who all worked like Trojans on the night, thank so much. Also to my parents, John and June Parnell, sister, Susan and friend Moira for bothering to come all the way from SA for just one night!

To Cal … you’re the best!

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  1. Hey Fleur, Just wanted to congratulate you on an awesome job! I couldn’t put your book down after Friday night’s launch and finished it at 2am. I loved it. Can’t wait for your next one. You are an inspiration. Enjoy it. Brenda

  2. Finally got time to read Red Dust and finished it this morning!! Yay, i loved it Fleur, great job. Such great story lines and twists and of course i couldn’t put it down. xxx

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