Red Dust & Blue Skies blow into Germany

When I first started writing Red Dust, my main hope was to interest a publishing house. I was so lucky and privileged to be picked up by my publisher, Louise Thurtell, through her ‘Friday Pitch Day’ – I can still remember her phone call and how long I shook for after she told me she was interested!

As of today, it’s gone beyond my wildest dreams, thanks to the belief that Allen and Unwin have in Red Dust.

Wenona Byrne is the Rights and International Sales Manager for Allen and Unwin and due to her hard work, at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and after, Red Dust and Blue Skies have been bought by Blanvalet Verlag, part of Random House, in Germany.

For a girl in the back blocks of Esperance, who talk to cattle, sheep, chooks and dogs, more than I speak to humans, it’s a hugely exciting, but overwhelming development and I just hope Red Dust and I can repay the belief that’s been placed in ‘us’.

Thanks to Louise Thurtell, Siobhan Cantrill (my amazing, patient and wonderful editor) and Wenona Byrne for all their hard work, and all to the hierarchy in Allen and Unwin. (I’ve learnt how many people have to be in agreement before a book is picked up!)

It’s amazing how much work goes on behind the scenes that authors never know about.

I didn’t know Red Dust had been taken to Frankfurt until about October and didn’t know anyone was interested in it until just before Christmas.

Allen and Unwin do so much work, that until something wonderful happens, we don’t know about — and how great is that? No worry or expectation until there is good news on author’s behalf!

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