Red Dust

Here are the cover notes for my first novel — Red Dust

Adam Sinclair died in an horrific plane accident leaving behind his wife, Gemma, a 10,000ha station and a secret.

Gemma is the sole beneficiary of the station and decides to disregard Adam’s final words that he is in trouble and she should sell Billbinya.

With her grief still raw and on a steep learning curve, Gemma is determined to make a success of her new found role as owner of Billbinya. The scepticism of her neighbours and good offers for her land does nothing but make her more determined to succeed.

As Gemma begins to find her feet, a wave of innuendo sweeps through the community about Adam and his involvement with sheep and cattle duffing.

There are even whispers that the plane crash wasn’t an accident. Coupled with the presence of two detectives from the Stock Squad, Gemma is forced to face evidence that Adam was involved in duffing and had indirectly implicated her.

Faced with the frightening prospect that she is a ‘Person of Interest’ in the investigation, Gemma is intent on clearing her name.

Teaming up with her best friend Jess and a tenacious Stock Agent named Ben, they start untangling the web of lies and deception, which ultimately lead to the exposure of the masterminds behind these daring criminal activities.

During this time Gemma has to confront long-shelved issues that will change the direction of her life forever.

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