Red Dust is launched!

Red Dust is available at all good bookshops today! Hope you all enjoy it and please make sure you let me know in the comments!

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  1. I found the link to your web page via Rachael Treasure’s page. It’s lovely to be able to add another Down Under writer to my Must Read List. We’ve been on our first trip to Australia last summer (uh… our summer, that means European summer) and was able to jot down names and titles of Australian authors. I completely fell into Tony Parson’s books, as well as Rachael’s. There are still some authors on my list I haven’t got around to order books from, but will come to it eventually. Now I have to see about your book as well…great!!!

  2. I walked into our local book store today actually to see when rachael’s next book would be out. I spoted your book and bought two copies one for my friend who lost her house in the fires and one for me, im so excited to read it so I’ll keep my message brief, but congrats and good luck …

  3. Hi Fleur, what can I say but OUTSTANDING, it was an excellent book I tried to read it slowly but I just couldn’t help myself I had to keep reading and reading. Well done Fleur, I will go and reread it. and now I cannot wait for your second book. Congratulations Fleur on a fabulous book.
    From Adele

  4. well i read it in about 14 hours could not put it down loved it from frount to back well done! I will be recomending it to everyone i see and talk to within the next 6months i’m betting 🙂 im looking foward to you next book how everlong it takes it will be worth the wait congarts again and keep up the good work… and Thank you

  5. I couldn,t put it down great all round It,s good to read Australian book and relate to it When the next one due out ?

  6. After receiving some bad service (which was very unusual) from my favourite book shop, an apology was given to me accompanied by a book titled ‘Red Dust.’ The apology would have been enough but the receiving of the book was a nice surprise. However when I looked at the title of the book and read the blurb I thought, ‘Oh god not one of these stories again’. You see I lived in remote areas for years, surrounded by stations and while living there read many books along the ‘woman trying to run a station’ type theme. I offered the book to my mum and she was busy reading another book and said she would collect it from me later. I had just finished reading ‘The Memory Keepers Daughter’ and was looking for something else so I (unenthusiastically) started reading, ‘Red Dust’. Well I was hooked in no time and enjoyed reading every word. Congratulations on an entertaining read. I will recommend ‘Red Dust’ to all my friends and have made a mental note of who will be receiving this for Christmas. Is this the only book you have written? I hope you write many more.

  7. Hi Natalie, thanks for you comments – it’s always intereseting to hear them and I’m so pleased that in the end, you enjoyed Red Dust. It’s the first book I’ve written but I’m in the process of writing another book called Blue Skies. Hopefully it will be out about this time next year, although finding the time to write at the moment, with calf and lamb marking, getting all the seeding gear ready and waiting for rain, is proving difficult!

  8. Well done, this is a great book. I am a fan of the Assuie Novels, its definitely up there with Racheal Treasure and Di Morrisey. When reading it I was quite excited to read about the Mid North, as not many books of this type have been based on our area. Since speaking with Mum in Carrieton, it now makes sense why you would base it there.
    Congrats and I cant wait for Blue Skies to come out.

  9. G’day Fleur..
    just finished Red Dust.. after i found it sitting at the front of the book store last week.. i picked it up and started the first chapter and got hooked from there.. i was wondering if it wouldbe as good as Racheals novels.. and it sure was.. i cant wait for your next book.. and i hope you find some time..
    Great Book!

    From Jess

  10. I am not a really big reader because i can never find many books to draw me in.I work at Target and walked past the book department on day and saw ‘Red Dust’. I read the back and it hooked me from there i had the whole book read in two days and i have a two year old!!(any mother would understand that you don’t get to sit and read when you have a toddler!!)
    I can’t wait to read ‘Blue skies’.Thank you for giving me something to break the monotany of winter days and housework!!

  11. I have just finished reading Red Dust. I had quite a few late nights as I couldn’t out the book down and go to sleep until I knew what happened next. I loved it and I can’t wait for Blue Skies.

  12. Hi Fleur!

    Its a beautiful read, I too could not put it down… I went into hospital on monday & took it with me… I was in there for a full day and finished it! Im no speed reader, but when I love a great book! I have to tell all my friends about it! (this time I haven’t as they are getting it for birthday presents)

    I can’t wait for Blue Skies, I hope the words are flowing from your beautiful mind onto the paper/keyboard…!

    Take Care… Love Jess.M

  13. Gemma, Jess, Denise, Kelly, Sam (I knew who you were once you mentioned Carrieton!) Jen, Jess and Jaye (I hope I haven’t missed anyone!) Thank you all for your kind words. I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed Red Dust and hopefully it’s worthy of a re-read at some point! Thank you all so much!

  14. Red Dust would have to be the best book i have read in a long time i couldnt put it down i sat up untill 4 am reading untill i finished it. Cant wait untill Blue Skies comes out. Keep up the good work

  15. Thankyou for writing such an excellent book i was so engrossed i couldn’t put it down and read it in a day. It kept me thinking and guessing the whole way through as to who was responsible for the stock stealing. I look forward to reading more of your books and will definitely reccommend red dust to everyone.

  16. Hi Kelly, I’m so pleased you liked Red Dust and that I kept you guessing – that was my intension, so it’s nice to know that it worked! And thank you for recommending it – word of mouth is the best publicity any author can get!

  17. Just finished reading your second book. Both Red Dust and Blue Skies were fantastic and such great reading and stories. I am sure people from all walks of life would enjoy them not just country born and bred like myself. Its great to have such a good author living and experiencing rural Australia. Your stories come from the heart depicting the rural way of life in Australia and experiences that many may have or could have gone through. Keep up the good writing. Look forward to another good book from you some day

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