Red Dust launch

My first novel, Red Dust, is being launched on the Friday May 8.

Please join us for a wine and cheese night at Le Grand Bookshop from 5-7pm.

Please RSVP to Sally for catering purposes, on 9071 7829.

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  1. Hi Fleur!

    How excitng! Unfortunately I can’t come, but I have already
    pre ordered a few copies from Sally!

    Congratulations Fleur!


  2. Hi Fleur!
    Suprise!…… Congratulations on the pending release of Red Dust, I remember what your dedication to writting was like and I’m sure this will be an excellent read!

    Well done
    Stuey Duncan xxoo

  3. Fleur

    Finished the book in 2 sessions. A good read which kept me wanting to see what came next. In telling Gemma’s story of tragedy and discovery you have also captured the basis of stock theft investigation and highlight the fact that the offences are usually perpetrated by people within this industry.Their knowledge of their victims and local communtiy allow them to achieve their goals to the detriment of their victims. I hope this book will encourage people to report on farm crime and not tollerate this “Cancer” within our farming communities.

    Unfortunately the Rural Crime (Stock) Squad within WA was closed in April 2008 whereby I lost the opportunity to work further with the “salt of the earth” people within Regional WA. I trully miss my job…

    Thanks again for your kind words at the end of the book and goodluck with the next.

    Dave BYRNE

  4. Dave, I should be thanking you! you fixed my writing block moments and helped no end. I’m pleased you liked it – now for Blue Skies and more of your great ideas!

  5. Hi Fleur

    I read an advance copy of Red Dust recently thanks to Allen and Unwin and am in the process of completing my review.

    It is beautifully written and I look forward to reading more of you books in future.

    Dave Cairns

  6. Hi Dave

    Thanks for your comments, it’s always great to hear what people think. I’ll look forward to reading your review on the A&U web site!

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