Reflections and looking forward

Happy New Year!

I’m completely amazed at how quickly this year has been and gone. As a child, my Mum would always tell me, not to wish my life away, which was pretty hard, when I was ten, and thinking I was much older and knew better than she did, or sixteen and badly wanting to head to the pub for New Years Eve but knowing I couldn’t.

Now I find myself repeating her words of wisdom, to my daughter. She can’t possibly understand how quickly the years will go by, when she gets to my age!

So as the sun sets on 2010, I can honestly say that it has been an amazing year. It’s held highs and lows, as it would have, for most people. I think the highest high (!) was my Blue Skies tour to NSW where on the way, I met all the wonderful people from Allen and Unwin and Nyssa, my gorgeous web-guru. I really enjoyed touring Tasmania, where I met one of my writing hero’s, Rachael Treasure.

There have been many other writing highs; being short-listed for the ABIA and R*BY awards, being asked to write the foreword for the Australian Writers Market Place and starting Purple Roads – there is nothing more exciting than starting a new book.

I’ve loved watching my children grow; watching them learn more about the world and having my heart break as they stumble.

The farm saw me fall more in love with it, than ever before. It was a hard start, but when the rains came, it was fun watching the grass, slowly come out of the ground, changing the landscape from brown and dusty to a vivid green. I’ve enjoyed the watching the lambs and calves grow and the crops grow from seedlings to harvest time.

Meeting new friends this year has also been a highlight, as has spending time with my old ones – I know I will never tire of their friendship.

Of course all the support I’ve had from everyone who reads my blog or talks to me via Facebook or Twitter – you have really made my year so very enjoyable.

So what does 2011 hold? Well, first off, Purple Roads will have to be completed. I was hoping to have it finished by Christmas, but a few hiccups got in the way of that plan! Then, once that is done, Siobhan and Ali (editors) will get their red pen into it and we’ll be well on our way through the editing process.

Farm wise, we’re hoping to have another good year, rain and price wise. Of course my thoughts go out to everyone in QLD and NSW that have been effected by the floods – I can’t imagine the devastation you must be facing. Please know that you are thought of.

Family wise, I’ll watch my kids start in Year six and Year Five and wonder where the hell that time has gone!

What is the outlook for you 2011? Whatever it is, I wish you peace, health and happiness and once again thank you all for your support.

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  1. I cant believe how quick this year has gone either! It’s been amazing. Im glad yours went so well for you, hope 2011 is even better! Looking forward to Purple Roads.

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