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I was so lucky to be asked by Margie Arnold to attend and speak at The Rural Women’s Gathering, which is a yearly event that has more than 300 women from across South Australia, attending.

I have been to many Rural Women’s days and I love them – the camaraderie and networking opportunities are brilliant. It’s fun to meet friends I’ve spent time talking to across social media, but never actually met.

The speakers never fail to impress.

Annabel Crabb held us captive for an hour with witty and intelligent stories about our Pollies – stories we never would hear otherwise. I mean, who knew that Brendan Nelson lived in a tiny shed at the back of Joe Hockey’s house? He didn’t have a toilet, but he did have a very healthy lemon tree and a red fire bucket… I’ll leave you to draw your on conclusions!

We laughed until our sides hurt, with her stories of dinner with Amanda Vanstone, Bill Hefferton and a NT cabinet minter (whose name escapes me.) This bloke apparently spent all night ‘hunting and gathering’ to impress Annabel with local produce. One of the items on the menu was ‘Magpie Geese’. Annabel asked very gently if these creatures were protected – obviously they couldn’t let something go to air which entailed cooking a protected bird! The minister’s answer: ‘Not against shot gun shells, love.’

I can’t tell you how hilarious she was and that hour passed in about ten minutes!

in conversation with


Along with Susan Duncan, Trisha Stringer and Dr Margaret, Annette Marner was our host for the ‘In conversations with…’ segment. I was very privileged to be asked to be such fabulous company. Monica McInerey and Fiona McIntosh – we missed you, but you both got a mention!




yarn bombed tractor

The ladies of Port Pirie yarn bombed everything they could see, including this very cool tractor.

Once all the business part was done, I stole an extra two days and visited my family.

ned and I


Here I taught my nephew how to take ‘selfies’. Gotta admit, he became very proficient at it – my phone is full of this gorgeous little face! Although occasionally he miscued and I found some photos of his toes!


suz, lexy me

My sister and I were a bit worse for wear after staying up until after midnight, talking. But you’ve got to make good use of the time you have and that’s what we did! Isn’t my niece sweet? (And YES, we know the family genetic link is strong!)



Mum and Dad’s place was the last and most anticipated stop. I love Glenroy with my being. When I cross the creek and turn in this driveway, I feel whole.

coffee on the creek


Of course this view, complete with either coffee or wine is one of the reasons I love this place.

Mum and Dad were crutching so there wasn’t much sitting around and I have to admit, I’d forgotten how hard it was to work in stoney yards and muster station country. I may have got a little soft in my ‘easy’ farming area!

What a gift those four days were for me.

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