Sale-o Sale-o!

The build up to any sale is huge, especially big if you’re putting your efforts before your peers and they are judging your work. Our ram sale was a great day! After an early start, the rams were settled in their pens and Rochelle and I headed off to the supermarket to grab all the sausages, onions, bread and beer for the sale. Rochelle and Hayden were great little helpers, buttering all the bread and handing around the sausages around. helpers

Neil Brindley from Landmark was our auctioneer and once he called the shed to order, there wasn’t a sound – everyone was listening to him and prices. The two other blokes on the rails with him, are Greg Prosser, Landmark Manager and Simon Norsworthy, stock agent. They were spotting for bids, as was Peter Gale, stock agent, who was on the floor with a buyer. Neil at his best!

The bids flew thick and fast, which was fantastic and at the end of the day, we had sold all the rams! That was a fantastic result! The ram that Anthony is holding, was our highest priced ram and is pictured with Peter Gale, Simon Norsworthy, Anthony and me!

Highest priced ram

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