Secrets and untold stories

The diary of secrets


Behind most good stories, whether they are on the page or TV, is a secret. Or an untold story, which depending on the tale, might be the same thing!

My family have all been sick this last week, with what seems to be a cross between the flu, a virus and a vomiting bug. I’m really happy for it to leave any time it wants to. But what being sick does, is forces me to be still – I’m not good at that. I don’t even stand still when I’m on the phone!

When I’m still, my brain just goes into overdrive, with stories. I’ve been trying to think up a unique and different secret for my new book Silver Gums. It’s pretty hard – most mysterious happening have already been written about, so I’ve still got my thinking cap on. I’ve had a few ideas, but none of them seem quite right, so I’ll just keep going until I get a ‘lightbulb’ moment!

Secrets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are hurtful and some are pleasure. That’s what I like about writing fiction – you can play with people lives on paper and no one in real life gets hurt.

Invariably, most secrets come out in time and my character Aunty Spider (whose real name is Violet), in Silver Gums, is the ‘Secret Keeper’ for the Mathison family. Old diaries are a wealth of information and while Tessa has just discovered Spider’s diaries, the pages are yet to reveal what past happenings will rock their family.

Any ideas what it might be?

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