Secrets revealed!

I’m planning on telling a big secret in this post. As a disclaimer, neither my parents, nor my children should read it!

The dreaded Naplan will be held next week. When I say ‘dreaded’ it isn’t like that in our house, but I know it is at plenty of other peoples places.


Neither of the kids get too worked up about it and they don’t talk about it much, except to say: ‘It’s not fair. We can’t read after we’ve finished, Mum.’

Well, I don’t think that’s fair either! But I DO understand why.

Although we didn’t have NAPLAN, I remember doing similar type tests. I guess they were to work out where we all were within our year/learning levels.

Here’s my secret:

I never took them seriously. Nope, honestly I didn’t. (Mum, it’s time to stop reading!) My aim, was to get through the multiple choice questions and have SOOO much free time at the end of it, I could finish a book. (Mum, really it’s time to go!).

This probably didn’t help my marks. Especially since I didn’t even read the questions, I just made pretty patterns when I coloured in the A, B, C, D, or E circle.

Looking back, it’s quite shocking at how I disregarded these tests and to a point, my education. I’m always telling my kids how important education is and it’s only when you hit a certain age, that you can look back and realise HOW important it is.

naplan1I look at what my kids are studying now – the ‘elective’ type subjects. Rochelle is learning photography and tech and graphic design. Hayden is learning the guitar through his music lessons.

These are all things I now know, I would have loved to have learned. Maths wasn’t something I wanted to concentrate on and I still don’t!

Sure, I’ve got some regrets about my schooling, and not doing the tests properly is definitely one of them, but I can’t say that reading at the end of tests is!

So, did you take these tests seriously? And did it make a difference to your schooling? How is NAPLAN received at your place?


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  1. I think I like your approach. Tests used to stress me out and no matter how hard I studied I would forget it all anyway as soon as the test started. Many children and parents (and more than likely teachers) stress about Naplan but I don’t think they should but rather just give it their best shot.

  2. I did take my tests seriously but I can’t stand naplan……………my daughter liked writing stories until the constant coaching sessions in class for her first naplan…………so I HATE naplan……..thank goodness my kids do it the same year so it’s over and done with and I don’t have to think about it every year……

  3. I used to work as a Teacher Aide and NAPLAN testing used to annoy the hell out of me. Mainly because Naplan testing was there to show how good the students had been taught the subject so when they were able to revise and purchase books to help them pass the Naplan test in my view Schools results were false.

    Revising for an exam such as the HSC which helps the Student when leaving school is totally different to allowing students to revise for a NAPLAN test.
    Still what do I know?

  4. Ha!

    Both my girls are doing them this year (grades 3 and 5). We righteously complained about Naplan the first time Fred had to do it 2 years ago (not the testing, but the way scores are being used to rank schools and so now they ‘teach to the test’ instead of doing fun stuff), and then she came home and said ‘I LOVE NAPLAN – it’s FUN!’ I can see Una is feeling a bit stressed about it though.

    I don’t really like Naplan. I can see it’s uses, but I wish the education system let talented teachers use their creativity to engage and inspire a love of learning.

  5. Oh dear…. not sure I remember. I recall our school being so little that I would finish early (no idea if I actually TRIED or not) and then started ‘helping’ others to get done. Pretty sure the teacher was happy to distract me with a book! LOL.

  6. Almost with your disregard… But not quite. I read and considered the questions, if in doubt I preferred B. I liked B. Still do. My kids dread NAPLAN especially my daughter. She snuck a peak at her results last time and I found her sobbing in he room. She struggles at school as it is, and for this we are getting her outside help. But the pressure placed on the kids with all the practice and preparation is horrendous for some. Having said that… She adores story writing and has a beautiful mind and imagination. Maybe one day she will have a book on a shelf next to one of yours Fleur

  7. My son has NAPLAN this year and really doesn’t enjoy it. He generally does well, but doesn’t enjoy the constant revising/studying/whatever for the tests. I can recall trying really hard in tests like these, but can assure you I didn’t do fantastically! My daughter did NAPLAN last year (and she’s quite bright), but even she hated doing it. She also saw her results and wasn’t impressed. 🙁

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