Sending peaceful thoughts…

Last night as I took these photos, my kids were happily eating their tea. The boss had gone for ‘a quick fish’ at Thomas River and my dogs were happily running around my feet.

No one had any idea what we would be seeing on the TV, twelve hours later. I almost feel like it was the calm before the storm.

The first inkling something wasn’t right, was when I opened Twitter this morning and saw some horrendous photos. I didn’t realize what I actually looking at. It wasn’t until I went onto the news page, that I worked out something terrible had happened in New Zealand.

What frightens me about these situations is this: people were going about their normal day. They hadn’t a clue that there was about to be a catastrophe, that perhaps their life was about to altered or lost. People were working, eating, talking, laughing, walking and in one split second, it all changed.

The TV coverage has been raw and in some parts, too unspeakable, to watch; the grief, the shock, the devastation.

Tonight, I’m sending the people of New Zealand, and all the people who are affected, here or elsewhere, my thought and prayers. And not just to NZ, but the war torn countries and ever-day people who see violence, sadness, illness… So many people in this world are hurting.

We never know when something is going to change our world. Please, make the most of every day, tell the people that matter, that you love them and appreciate every little thing, about life.

You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Hi Fleur,

    There’s way too much tragedy at the moment – from floods, cyclones and earthquakes in our own country to strife overseas.

    I echo your thoughts for NZ and appreciating our loved ones.

    Cheers, Fi

  2. Fleur, you certainly have a way of writing down all that we all are thinking, our son Matt worked in Christchurch for 6 months and we visited there briefly on one of our visits to Oz
    three years ago, in fact has I type this I believe we would of been there now because it was just after Tony’s birthday which was last week. He made some very good friends there which we keep in touch with, mainly one work collegue Frank who along his wife Julie took into his home, were Matt spent Christmas and many other times. I thoughts and prays go to all the people of Chrischurch. The first day we were there we went to the Catherdal and then had the most wonderful flower festival I have ever seen, I can remember one in particular called “Creation” it was on a table made from besides the flowers on the table every item on that table certainly represented “Creation” God Bless everyone n Christchurch – Pauline

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