SEPWA Ladies Day


The SEPWA ladies day was an inspirational day for all who went!

I felt like I was an impostor amongst all the women that spoke – they were all so clever and had achieved so much!

To a degree, whether they spoke about farming, viticulture or achievement, the message was simular – you can achieve anything in the world if you put your mind to it.

Sonja Johnson was quite amazing to listen to and so funny – I actually held her silver medal from the 2008 Olympic Games, while we were at lunch! It was so heavy and the engraving on it was almost ‘R’ rated! The engraving shows a Roman goddess, complete with exposed breasts!

We tried wines that Kirsten Skraha brought from her winery ‘Wild Orchid Wines – most delicious! And stuffed our selves silly with the girls (Gill and Mandy) from Biccies, gorgeous food.

Having said all of that, I left just after lunch – I still had supplies for the next week to buy, stock things to pick up from the farm merch store and get home in time to get the kids off the bus!

Thanks to Gemma Walker and all the girls on the SEPWA Ladies day committee for such a brilliant time and to Victoria Brown, who once again, helped me overcome my fear of public speaking by conducting a Parkinson-style interview (without the lounge chairs she promised me!) so I didn’t have to be alone on the stage!

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