Sheared Out!


Dogs work really hard at shearing time. They make the job much easier by packing sheep into races, getting them into the shed, penning up and of course helping muster the paddocks to bring the sheep into the yards.

That’s of course if you’re a work dog. Rocket’s not. But because his legs are so little he gets tired just watching the working dogs do their job! As you can see. He also gets very sad that he’s not allowed to help.

Well I’ve been working in the shed, while these dogs of ours have been working hard.

I can tell you, it’s been a while since I’ve done a full day of shed hand work, but a mate of ours needed a hand so I volunteered.

Tonight, I’m aching in spots I had forgotten I had, so I think a glass of wine and a quiet night is in order!

But it’s this guy (the shearer) that does the really hard yards.


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