Shearing, from go to whoa.

At beginning of the week we were shearing and I’ve put together a small video to show you how it all looks from start to finish. Sorry about the one section which turned the wrong way. I didn’t know iPhones didn’t turn!

And thanks to Jo for stitching all the vision together.

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  1. Thanks for posting, Fleur. This begs the following questions.
    Are all sheep this placid, when shorn, or do you get unwilling ones too? As you introduced them in the little video as “these are the girls”, does that mean males aren’t shorn? Does the fleece need to be in one piece?
    Sorry to sound so unknowing, but this is so far from my world and I don’t want to die stupid. 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Brigitte, Yes the rams are shorn too, but at a different time. The ewes are both placid and cranky. Just depends on how well the shearer holds them. It’s easier to skirt if the fleece is in once piece, but not essential.

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