Shearing Time!

There is a joke amongst farmers about ‘bank review time’ – the best time to show your bank manager around the farm! It’s usually around 4pm, when the sun has just started to sink. The light it throws is softer than harsh midday sun; it makes crops look thicker, greener and lusher than in the hard light of day.

The soft pinks are thrown across the land. The cattle are usually out grazing, their bodies a contrast of black on green.

Then there are the brilliant white ewes that have just been let out of the shearing shed. As they walk, their heads are down, munching on the grass, filling their stomachs after 24 hours off feed. The fluorescent colours during the day can make you want to screw your eyes up to avoid the glare, but this time of the day all you want to do is drink in the scene.

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