Sheep shifting and a new puppy!

On a beautiful Sunday morning the kids had the job of shifting a mob of sheep (I always go with them but hang right back or right at the front to slow the ewes down, so I’m there if they need help.)

Today they took their bikes and two dogs – Rocket, the Jack Russell, a well known sheep dog (um… or so Rochelle tells me! I beg to differ!) and the brand new pup called Buck, as in ‘Buckaroo’.

We got Buck late last week from the Kelpie Breeder, Nan Lloyd, and he is a going to be a tearaway! From the moment I picked him up, he barked, run, jumped, chewed and every other normal thing a puppy does, but he seems to do it with a lot more intent!

So as I sat in the warmth and comfort of my ute slowing the ewes down, the slave labour were out in the freezing cold on their bikes moving the sheep!

There were red noses, runny noses, dogs barking, fights and then making up, bikes running into each other and general chaos! All the while the sheep drifted along without much ado – they seemed to know they were off to a better paddock.

Buck showed off his skills as the new working dog, rounding the lambs up with their mums watching closely.

We all had a fabulous time this morning and one of the best bits was that I managed to write two chapters of Purple Roads, while all this was going on!

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  1. And who said women can’t do more than two things at once?!! Well done Fleur, am looking forward to Purple Roads. Amazing pics and just luv the puppy!

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