Sheep work and holidays!

It’s been pretty cold here lately!  And it’s school holidays.

As much as the kids like to help, sometimes our jobs involve things that they just can’t do, so when we arrived at the sheep yards at 6:15am and it was bitter and frosty, the kids took exception to being involved with our farming life! (As you would, if you were dragged out of bed at 5:30am, made to eat breakfast in the car and then realised how cold it was!)

As a sweetener I sent them to collect some sticks, bark and wood and said they could have a fire while we worked. That cheered them up no end, as did the hot chocolate they found when they opened their thermos. (See! Mum isn’t all bad!)

Anthony, Shaun and I were sure that the wonderful scent of wood burning actually made us feel warmer too.

After the sun finally worked it’s magic, the humour was much better and we enjoyed watching the kids play with Rocket and kick the footy while we worked.

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  1. You have adorable looking boys! I wandered on over from Down Under Views. Learning about different parts of the world is so interesting. Right now we’re watching out for tornadoes because it’s been so hot and you’re freezing. LOL!

    Enjoy your sheep work!


  2. I came from Down Under Views, too. Your books sound great, and as a fellow Australian, I like finding out about new Aussie authors (well, not NEW, but new to me). 😀

    You have lovely children, and the dog is cute!

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