Sheep work

This time of year is always busy with sheep work. There’s ewes to be drenched, lamb marking and so on and so on. I’ve hardly spent more than an hour inside the house  these last few weeks during daylight!

Thankfully, it’s not just Anthony and I doing all the work! Shaun is a bloke who gives us a hand, (and a very good one!) as do our dogs.

You should be able to see Law and I packing the race, nice and tight, in this photo. We’re drenching the ewes (that gets rid of any parasites they may have picked up during the start of autumn when they have to graze very close to the ground.

Law loves his work – especially backing the sheep, which is what he’s doing in this photo. But he also enjoys mustering the paddocks, where he gets to run as fast as he wants for as long as the boss will let him! Kelpies just love to run!

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