Silver Clouds by Fleur McDonald

Silver Clouds floats to the printers!

Well, I can finally say that SIlver clouds has gone to the printers.

Phew, is all I have to say!

It seems like it’s been a long process this time, but realistically it’s no longer than usual. My editors did things a bit different this time, which has been a learning curve, but I like learning new things.

I thought I’d share a little tale about how Silver Clouds came into being. (You can read the blurb here)

Much to my teenage daughter’s disgust, I am an avid ABC radio listener. Just like my mum and I have to say, history is repeating itself because I used to bag my mum out ALL THE TIME, because she listened to the ABC.

Anyhow, I was mustering some sheep out in our furtherest most western paddock and I heard a story on two wedding rings which had been found in the middle of nowhere. Now this is all very vague – I’m not sure how much I heard and how much I’ve made up, because my imagination went into overdrive.

I think it went something along the lines of: a tourist found a couple of rings near a popular camping spot in the mid west of WA (near a swimming hole, maybe?). After a time it was determined they had accidentally been left behind and there were no suspicious circumstances.’


Now for me that translated into: ‘what if there were tragic consequences? Someone had drowned? Had the rings been a symbol? What about if they were never used? Who did they belong to?’

Now I had all these questions to answer and a the basis to a story.

The rings in Silver Clouds are a symbol, but to what, you’ll have to wait and find out. But I will tell you, they are engraved with ‘forever yours, forever mine,‘ inside of them. Sinister or loving? Once again, you’ll have to read it to see!


Silver Clouds will be available in APRIL 2013

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