Silver Gums

Silver Gums

It can be daunting sitting down at a blank computer screen wondering if I know enough words to fill it enough to tell a story. I need somewhere between 90 and 100,000 of the bloody things! And, obviously, they all have to make sense and have a story line in there as well.

Sometimes it’s easier to go and do the washing or muck around on Facebook or Twitter (and annoy all of you!) than it is to sit and write. As writers we need the ability to be able to force ourselves to go to work, when we don’t feel like it. The only thing we really have that makes us, is a deadline.

The Silver Gums deadline is looming. Eek!

My husband calls me Five-minute Fleur. Now before you all giggle and think dirty, (!) it’s actually because I’m very good at leaving everything until the last five minutes. He also calls my sister, Six-minute Susan. It’s a family trait!

I have about six weeks to finish Silver Gums. I’m not going to tell you how many of the 100,000 words I’ve written because, frankly, I don’t want to know how many I have left to write, considering the time frame!

Being so busy farming, since I got back from the Purple Roads tour, Silver Gums has been shelved. I now need to develop some ‘bum glue’ and sit and write and write and write.

What will you guys be up to while I’m doing that?

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  1. LOL Cate… I won’t Fleur. I will suspect you are looking for inspiration (a twitter-inspired storyline perhaps!).

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