Slave Labour in the garden


Every so often the garden gets the better of me. In fact, it’s always got the better of me – I’m the worlds worst gardener!

I love beautiful gardens and always wanted a huge one with lots of lawn and flowers. I’ve got one, but it seems to grow more weeds than flowers and the lawn isn’t quite how I imagined it!

Anyway, the time arrived to tidy up the last four months’ worth of weeds and mess!

Hayden is busy making a racing track for ‘Lightening McQueen’ to race on, while he mows the lawn, Rochelle is washing my car, Anthony is… doing something with cows?! And I’m pulling out weeds that are about as tall as me, with a root system that goes to China.

When we were organising the vegie competition for the Condy Community Fair, Gill and I decided that we should have a section for the tallest weeds! I’m pretty sure I would’ve won that!

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