Sleep talking… Um, singing

We have numerous species of birds flitting around the house and I love the noises they make. There’s all the usuals like Magpies, Crows, Butcher Birds, Willywag Tails and Pigeons.

The Boss is a mad keen bird watcher and has taught me lots about these feathered creatures. There were many other varieties I didn’t know about and now can pick out by their calls. Silver Eyes sound like a kids electronic game as the dart from tree to tree. And they are so tiny! Not much bigger than a chook egg. The only time I really ever see them is in the evening or when it’s been a stinking hot day and I’ve got the sprinklers on the lawn. Then they come in to bath and play under the water – that is so much fun to watch.

Wattle Birds are another sort I didn’t know and the same again; I can pick them out by their song and in the trees.

It’s not too unusual to hear Magpie’s singing at night, when it’s a full moon or they are mating. It’s unheard of to hear a Crow or Butcher Bird crackling around in the dark.

I thought it was unheard of to hear a Willywag Tail talking when it was pitch black too. How wrong I was. Our resident little guy, who hangs out in the bottle brush tree, sings every night, from about midnight onwards. Now in the middle of the day, this wouldn’t bother me, however, this bloke’s tone is shrill enough to wake The Boss and I, every damn night.

It’s turned out to be fairly noisy in our neck of the woods between Mr. Willywag Tail and Number One son, who is a loud sleep talker.

After another night of not very much sleep, we’ve decided Mr. Willywag Tail but sleep sing, because there is no way one little bird could stay awake for the amount of hours this one does!

Does anyone in your house sleep sing? What wakes you up?

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  1. When Ella was a baby, we had a pair of crows that would come at about 5am, every morning, without fail, and tap and caw just outside our upstairs windows. They would wake the whole house and continue on till about 9 or 10 am every single day! Took a lead applictaor to stop it bloody happening anymore…!

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