Sloshing in Cement


Once we finished the building part of the shearing shed, we needed to cement the floor. Three blokes and I mixed and wheeled wheelbarrows full of cement over six hours to finish it!


I helped cement the footers in this shed and that was my first real experience of cement and its dust. I knew that this particular day, with a lot more to mix, that I was going to be looking forward to my shower and perhaps a bit sore at the end of the day!

With engine oil on my hands to stop the cement dust from drying them to paper thin and cement dust making my hair stand up like something from the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ a boiling hot shower definitely hit the spot that night.

We’ve used the shed for crutching over the past week and I have to say, that it works really well and having never worked on a raised board before (I’d worked in plenty of sheds with normal boards) I’m completely sold on raised ones! No sore backs!

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