Sometimes, windows are my eyes

Views from my windows

Views from my windows

Last week, after many power outages and surges, the microwave blew up closely followed by the TV. I’m not casting any aspersions that the power caused the demise of my two electrical appliances, but it does seem coincidental.

We rarely watch TV and I thought I hardly used the microwave…  However not two days after the microwave died, there was a new one on my bench. It seems I often forget to get the meat out of the freezer, and as tea gets closer the microwave gets overworked defrosting it. “You could be more organised,” I hear you say? Yep. I could be.

The TV hasn’t yet been replaced. I’m not sure what that says about us, but there you go!

Last night, however, I had a chocolate-like craving to flop in front of the TV and watch something that didn’t require my concentration. What makes something you can’t have become so appealing?

Anyway, it got me thinking. I’ve since likened TV to windows. We look through rectangular screens to see what is happening on the other side.

I have a gorgeous pink bottle-brush tree outside my office window and I often see Honey Eaters (or Mickey Minors) dancing among the branches; their beaks deep in the wattle blossoms.

The Honey Eaters are also brilliant guard dogs. The amount of noise they make if a snake is around (even if I haven’t seen it) will send me rushing for the shovel.

Our dogs don’t like being apart from us and while I was doing the dishes a few weeks ago, Weasel’s head suddenly appeared at the kitchen window to say “Hi!”  That made me laugh.

Windows are particularly versatile. Unlike TV, you can see through from both sides. Rocket’s favourite spot, when we are outside and he is inside, is peering out the office window wishing he was with us.

Of course, windows can be used as mirrors and I have caught the kids doing the wrong (and occasionally the right) thing, by sitting in the lounge and watching their reflections in the window. It gives a whole new meaning to the ‘eyes in the back of your head’ saying.

So my windows provide me with more than enough entertainment and I doubt that our TV will get replaced much before the cricket season. Of course we will need a new on then to watch the Aussies roll the New Zealanders.

I wonder what views you guys have outside your window? I’d love to see some of them uploaded to my Facebook page.

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  1. Ha ha! Fleur, you made me laugh. When we got back after travelling for 9 months we decided not to turn the TV back on & lasted a good 3 months without it. It was great (we had lived without it already for 9 months). It made us much more choosy about what we did watch.
    Our microwave also blew up & the fridge stopped working not long after we got back…Thinking that we didn’t use the microwave much, we tried living without it, till I realised how last minute I was making dinner as well!
    The fridge, well, there is only so long that you can live in a house using an Engel (camping fridge – 45 litres) – the fridge guy came the next day 🙂 – I decided that it was gremlins in the house. The power people couldn’t work it out, turned out in the end it was one little power board that had been sitting in a box for 9 months & didn’t want to be re-used! (BTW – I worked it out – not the power company) Cheers, Meg

  2. Our neighbor’s house was struck by lightning a few years back. What I did not realize is that the static electricity from a close lightning blast will shoot through the television antenna and cable. It will also be picked up by the telephone wires. (Electric wiring is insulated, not such a problem. We lost our TV, VCR, telephone, answering machine The tv took to turning itself on at very random times.

    But I still had my microwave.

    What’s outside my windows? Woods. Lots and lots of trees.

    Now we are moving to the ‘big city’. Wonder how that will work out.

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