Special things about farming

Calving time


I have just watched a heifer have her calf. There is nothing more special than watching a brand new life come into the world, be it animal or human.

A “heifer” is a first time mum and like all of us, when we’re first timers, they’ve got some things to learn. She sniffed it for a bit, wondering what the hell had just come out of the back of her and why she was so sore. It’s like watching a light bulb go on when she realises: ‘this is mine‘. She nuzzles, licks and gently talks to the baby, while he sits on the ground wondering ‘what the hell just happened’ and flaps his heavy, birth encrusted head, looking every bit the uncoordinated new born he is.

Then, as nature is just incredible, he is on his feet within minutes, trying to work out which end of mum he could get a drink from.

These are the special moments in farming – the awesome things we are privileged to see. What events in your life give you goosebumps?


*I didn’t have my camera with me, so the above calf is a bit older than the one I’m talking about.

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  1. So cool. We’ve been watching our Siamese cat have her first litter of Tonks today. The kids found it fascinating, if not a little bit gross. Scary but exciting.

    1. Yep, it can be like that, Cate. All I know was I didn’t end up being scared at all the blood when I had kids, coz I’d seen in all before – including the doctor wearing rubber boots in the labor ward – my hubby wears rubber boots if he has to pull a calf too!

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